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How can I study more effectively? 

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I hate studying. When I try to study I am able to concentrate for 15-20 minutes the most and then I find something else to do. I manage to make average grades from what I retain in class and with the little studying I manage to do. But I am tired of being average. I do find flash cards work for definitions but I am a nursing student they can only go so far. Any tips?


Kudos for trying to increase your student productivity. Here are my 12 tricks to study effectively.


Know your purpose.

Scan the content and zero in on what is most important to achieve the top grade. Know exactly what you have to know, how many items to memorize, how many problem sets to solve. Quantify – only by being objective will you increase your productivity.

Limit studying time.

Do not plan to study for a whole afternoon or for 6 hours non-stop. Thinking of studying in terms of objectives or small chunks of time, say 20-25 minutes. But ensure those small chunks of time are 100% studying, no smartphones, internet, TV or banter allowed.

Select the best sources.

If there are high-yield versions of textbooks, pre-made notes optimized for retention, mnemonics collections, essential problem sets (and solutions), then use them. Don't reinvent the wheel.

Feynman technique.

Learn new concepts like if you were explaining them to a complete beginner. Better yet, do it as you draw diagrams, schematics and notes on a blank sheet of paper.

Embrace memorization.

Some people say that studying is about understanding, not memorizing. That's almost always wrong unless you're studying Maths, Physics or any hard science. Otherwise, memorization (or even rote memorization) is exactly what you need to do.

Embrace the idea of self-learning. 

I'm a deep believer in the idea of learning things by yourself. There is no other way, really, just ideas of learning systems to complement learning by yourself. Teachers may open doors but you need to come in yourself.

Use flashcards + spaced repetition.

It is the most effective way to memorize things, hands down. Anki is an excellent app to start learning anything using these method. Method of loci alone or combined with spaced repetition is also a valuable tool.

Practice and test yourself.

The best way to learn is to use the knowledge you are trying to acquire. You'll figure out your weak spots or any frailties in your understanding of complex concepts. There are tons of resources online to test any kind of subject.

Fight stress and anxiety by planning your approach carefully.

It's one thing to consciously study as little as you can to pass. It's another thing to carelessly ignore your responsibilities and hope that everything will be alright. Plan according to your goals and stick to the plan.

Cultivate the right mindset.

There are some essential qualities to all productive students. I like to highlight 4 of them: Diligence, Discipline, Direction and Durability. Together they translate in doing exactly what you have to do daily, no matter what.

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1. Walk Before An ExamIt’s been proven that exercise can boost your memory and brain power. Research conducted by Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois shows that about 20 minutes exercise before an exam improve performance. Citește mai mult

* * *

Psihologul Daniel David a punctat cateva elemente esentiale pentru stapanirea emotiilor inainte de examene. 1. (Oricat de banal ar suna) Pregateste-te pentru examen. Învață acum cum să înveți!

Majoritatea oamenilor care nu dorm suficient nu sunt capabili sa recunoasca modul in care le este afectata sanatatea mentala. Multi cred ca somnul este un lux, un mic rasfat.

Ei admit totusi ca se simt mai bine atunci cand dorm bine o noapte intreaga si ca se simt mai rau atunci cand nu o fac. De fapt, nu este nici un secret ca somnul imbunatateste memoria si puterea de invatare si intelegere.

Lipsa excesiva de somn poate afecta performanta in munca, relatiile sociale si duce la probleme psihice, precum anxietatea sau depresia.

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Din cauza stilului actual de viata, problemele de somn au devenit o „epidemie” la nivel mondial, afectand pana la 45% din populatie. Lipsa unui somn de calitate are un impact negativ asupra atentiei, memoriei si invataturii si ne face mult mai vulnerabili la accidente. Citește mai mult

* * *

Când vine vorba de succes, majoritatea oamenilor sunt de părere că inteligența joacă cel mai important rol, însă un studiu al cercetătorilor de la Universitatea Stanford ne va schimba părerea. Învață acum cum să înveți!

Asocierea - Crearea unor asocieri intre ceva ce vrei sa-ti amintesti si o imagine care are legatura cu acel ceva te poate ajuta sa nu mai uiti, mai ales atunci cand ai mai multe lucruri de tinut minte.

Fragmentarea - Un sir mai lung de cifre poate fi memorat mai usor si cu mai multa acuratete daca este fragmentat. Bucatile mai mici sunt mai usor de tinut minte decat un sir de cifre interminabil.

Crearea unor personalitati pentru numere
- Aceasta tehnica era folosita de marele fizician Albert Einstein. El asocia celor zece cifre cate o personalitate, spre exemplu, saptele era un barbat cu mustata.

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Memoria este unul dintre cele mai fascinante procese psihice cognitiv complexe, prin intermediul caruia indivizii intiparesc, stocheaza si reactualizeaza informatiile din experienta lor anterioara. Citește mai mult

* * *

"If only I could have LEARNED FRENCH three years ago…" If only. For many of us, there are more things we want to learn than we have time. As information becomes more readily accesible online, the number of things we want to learn is only continuing to increase. Învață acum cum să înveți!

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