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In retrospect, here are some of many lessons I learned along the way:

Find what makes you you.

Vary the sort of work that you do. There’s countless opportunities to discover the unique sorts of design processes or executions that you personally connect with. Sketch. Play with type.

Learn how to give feedback.

You will get plenty of feedback in school. The objective often seems to rip apart each other’s work. Critique can be an exercise in humility.

Don’t compare yourself.
It’s really tricky in a school environment to not get caught up in grades and who got what award or job. The challenge is to remember that everyone has their proficiency—their “thing”—and build on that.

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Sesiunea este cea mai grea perioadă din viaţa unui student. Durează cam o lună, dar acea lună pare să dureze infinit mai mult în mintea studentului stresat și panicat, asaltat de examene şi proiecte. Învață acum cum să înveți!

Creierul uman poate jongla cu mai mult de doua sarcini in acelasi timp.

Fals: De fapt, creierul trece de la o sarcina la alta. Din cauza ca miscarea aceasta necesita timp, multi-tasking-ul nu este o modalitate eficace pentru a-ti face treaba.

Cu cat folosit mai mult creierul uman cu atat devine mai puternic.

Adevarat: Pentru a avea un creier puternic este nevoie de exercitii. Invatarea unor abilitati noi sau executia unor sarcini mentale intaresc conexiunile dintre celulele creierului. Curiozitatea sporeste ascutimea mintii.

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"If only I could have LEARNED FRENCH three years ago…" If only. For many of us, there are more things we want to learn than we have time. As information becomes more readily accesible online, the number of things we want to learn is only continuing to increase. Învață acum cum să înveți!

According to research by Chris Bird at the University of Sussex, all it requires is a few seconds of your time and a bit of imagination.

Bird recently asked some students to lie in a brain scanner and view a series of short clips from YouTube (involving, for example, neighbours playing practical jokes on each other).

It turned out that simply describing the event to themselves massively improved their chances of remembering it accurately a week or so later: on average, they were able to remember twice as many details.

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This video explores some very crucial reasons for everyone having an understanding of physics. Elon Musk, Brian Cox and Richard Feynman explain. The movie clip is from 'Margin Call' (2011). Învață acum cum să înveți!

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