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Am ales sa citesc cartea asta in urma unei vizite in librarie. "All Consuming" de Neal Lawson este o carte de care nu auzisem in momentul in care m-am decis sa o citesc si, dupa ce am citit-o mi-am dat seama si de ce nimeni nu ar promova o astfel de carte.

Practic iti spune sa nu mai cheltuiesti banii pe prostii si sa fi mai responsabil. In general nici un retailer nu te-ar incuraja sa cumperi cartea asta.

Tipul face o cronologie destul de exacta de la cum am ajuns, de la shopping la criza, iar apoi la colaps, trecand bineinteles prin etapa de risipa.

Cred ca daca exista un lucru pentru care merita sa va cheltuiti banii responsabil sunt cartile pentru ca nu este iresponsabil sa citesti, sunt o gramada de chestii bune pe care le poti afla.

Transcriere prezentare BookMark Daniel Voinea.

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Daniel Voinea

Daniel Voinea este manager de comunicare in cadrul librariilor Carturesti.

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All Consuming

"Stabbing at battle of Ikea" - Sun . 'Most expensive house has GBP390m price tag' - Daily Telegraph . "Financier runs up GBP36,000 bar bill" - Independent . Diamond-encrusted phones, waiting lists for handbags, 7-star hotels - in the summer of 2007, the UK economy finally reached its giddy peak. But it wasn't just celebrities and bankers wanting to spend, spend, and spend. Sursa: Amazon.com

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Neal Lawson

Neal Lawson writes for "The Guardian" and the "New Statesman" about equality, democracy and the future of the left, and appears on TV and radio as a political commentator. He is chair of the pressure group Compass, whose goal is a more equal and democratic world. Lawson is author of a number of publications, including "Dare More Democracy", based on interviews with swing voters in London and Birmingham, "The Advertising Effect" - co-authored with Zoe Gannon - and the book "All Consuming", which analyses the social cost of consumerism. Sursa: Wikipedia.org



Stoked by easy credit and ever-rising house prices, Britons went on a decade-long spending binge which screeched to a halt last winter when spending "fell of a cliff" - in the words of one commentator. Until the bust, many thought the boom would never end. Sursa: Independent.co.uk


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