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Cele mai mari greseli in viata le facem pentru ca ne este frica de cum cadem si nu ne mai ridicam. Cartea "The Year of Magical Thinking" este despre sfarsit. Cartea ii apartie unei jurnaliste franceze, Joan Didion, care din pacate nu este tradusa in romaneste in care este vorba despre decesul sotului ei. Culmea este ca in perioada in care scria aceasta carte, la un an dupa moartea sotului a murit si fiica ei.

Este o carte despre cum sa iti faci ordine in ganduri si in viata, fara sa iti fie frica sa cazi. Pare un subiect trist, dar din cartea aceasta inveti ca trebuie sa te bucuri de orice moment si ca poti sa povestesti si despre lucrurile grave de care noi ne temem, cu gratie, cu eleganta si cu tandrete.

Cartea se numeste "Anul gandirii magice", si in anul acesta in care doamna a scris cartea a trecut prin toate filtrele iubirii ei si a analizat-o si a adjudecat-o, a plans, a ras... Daca am stii sa cadem si sa ne ridicam ne-ar fi mai usor.

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Cristina Bazavan

Cristina Bazavan este Editor In Chief, Tabu Magazine. Cristina Bazavan a intervievat de-a lungul timpului o serie impresionanta de personalitati culturale internationale: Mila Jovovich, Ziggy Marley, Guilermo Arriaga, Rebecca Miller, Gilbert Adair, Milos Forman, Miles Aldrige, Eugenio Recuenco, Olga Kurilenko, Margaret Atwood, Annie Proulx, Victoria Abril, Vanessa Redgrave etc. Sursa:

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The Year of Magical Thinking

From one of America's iconic writers, a stunning book of electric honesty and passion. Joan Didion explores an intensely personal yet universal experience: a portrait of a marriage-and a life, in good times and bad-that will speak to anyone who has ever loved a husband or wife or child. Sursa:

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Joan Didion

Joan Didion (born December 5, 1934) is an American author best known for her novels and her literary journalism. Her novels and essays explore the disintegration of American morals and cultural chaos, where the overriding theme is individual and social fragmentation. A sense of anxiety or dread permeates much of her work. In 1979, she published The White Album, another collection of magazine pieces from Life, Esquire, The Saturday Evening Post, The New York Times, and The New York Review of Books. Sursa:


Several days before Christmas 2003, John Gregory Dunne and Joan Didion saw their only daughter, Quintana, fall ill with what seemed at first flu, then pneumonia, then complete septic shock. She was put into an induced coma and placed on life support. Days later-the night before New Year's Eve-the Dunnes were just sitting down to dinner after visiting the hospital when John Gregory Dunne suffered a massive and fatal coronary. Sursa:

The book recounts Didion's experiences of grief after Dunne's 2003 death of a cardiac arrest in their New York apartment. Days before his death, their daughter Quintana Roo Dunne Michael was hospitalized in New York with pneumonia which developed into septic shock; she was still unconscious when her father died. During 2004 Quintana was again hospitalized after a collapse and bleeding in her brain. Sursa:

Three times the mother had to repeat herself, telling the daughter her father was dead. The daughter, Quintana Roo, kept forgetting because she was in and out of comas, septic shock, extubation, or neurosurgery, in one or another intensive care unit on the West Coast or the East. Sursa:

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