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"At Home" de Bill Bryson este un cadou bun de casa noua. Fiecare capitol din cartea aceasta se ocupa de cate o incapere dintr-o casa. Avem un capitol care se ocupa de bucatarie. Capitolul acesta explica de ce avem pe masa sare si piper si nu alte doua condimente. Avem un capitol despre dressing, de exemplu. De ce un costum are forma pe care o are, explica de ce avem despicatura din spatele sacoului, ca sa putem calarii cu el, chiar daca nu mai avem nevoie de asta acum, dar au ramas ca mostre de eleganta in zilele noastre.

Este o carte buna pentru cineva care e pe cale sa se mute intr-o casa noua pentru ca odata cu istoria obiectelor primim si tot felul de sugestii despre ce ar trebui sa se afle intr-o camera si ce nu.

Bill Bryson este un scriitor cu foarte mult umor si are o cultura generala si stie foarte multe lucruri, stie sa sape in istoria fiecarui mic obiect care ne inconjoara.

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At Home

Bryson si-a dat seama ca a petrecut prea mult timp studiind batalii si razboaie in loc sa se ocupe de ceea ce inseamna cu adevarat istoria - secole de oameni vazandu-si de viata zilnic in casele lor. A intreprins cercertari asupra istoriei, a orice - de la arhitectura la electricitate, de la pastrarea alimentelor la epiderma, de la negotul cu mirodenii la Turnul Eiffel, de la crinoline la toalete - si asupra mintilor excentrice si creatoare din spatele lor. Sursa:

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Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1951. He moved to and settled in England in 1977, working in journalism until becoming a full time author. For many years Bill lived with his English wife and their four young children in North Yorkshire, before moving the family to New Hampshire in America for a spell in the late 1990s. Now they have all returned to live in the UK. Sursa:


I tremble sometimes imagining a Bill Bryson book coming to life and walking among us. So rabidly know-it-all! Facts dripping from every fang! Anecdotes oozing from its hideous ululating tongue! Sursa:

Bill Bryson is one of my all time favorite authors, hands down. He's witty, hilarious, quirky and basically just a fantastic writer. I think he has something along the lines of twenty (TWENTY!) books published, his most famous arguably being in the travel writing category and his most recent being history based, but he's touched upon everything from science (in A Short History of Nearly Everything), to language (in The Mother Tongue) to Shakespeare's biography and much, much more. Sursa:

The book's nice conceit is a house tour through the Norfolk rectory where Bryson lives, with him as a less pernickety Horace Walpole taking us chapter by chapter from one room to the next. One chapter-door opens on to "the study", which is so dank and chilly that its chief function is not for reading or writing (after reading this tome, I'm still not sure where in the house Bryson writes - he has guarded his privacy with a punctiliousness that, given the subject matter, is borderline improper), but for gathering mouse corpses. Sursa:

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